ancient skincare rituals

we create personalized skincare rituals inspired by indigenous knowledge, ancestral wisdom, and sensory experiences. our objects are made—to—order, handcrafted, plant—based, vegan and formulated with ancient botanicals curated for your unique skincare needs.

kachi water

day serum

suero de día

day ritual
— —
experience our intensely hydrating face serum, enriched with powerful, nutrient—rich botanicals. it's your daily defense against environmental stress, curated to address your skin's individual needs and concerns.

kairi oil

night serum

suero de noche

night ritual
discover our deeply moisturizing face serum, formulated with active botanicals that work their magic while you sleep. it's curated to respond to your unique skin needs and concerns with care.

our formulations are clean, vegan, safe, and cruelty—free. we harness the power of holistic ancient botanicals that have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures. our primary focus is on promoting effective long—term skin health because your skin is your body's largest organ.

every formulation has been tested on a diverse range of skin tones, encompassing various ethnicities and backgrounds, to ensure inclusivity and effectiveness for all.


explore our sustainability efforts and what we're doing to conserve the natural world, support communities and minimize our carbon footprint.

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