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kachi water

day serum

suero de día

a nourishing, fast—absorbing, and intensely hydrating face serum enriched with powerful antioxidants from plant extracts. it promotes collagen and elastin production, providing essential support for your skin.

each object is meticulously handcrafted and made—to—order using ancient botanicals, ensuring that it precisely meets your skin's unique needs for long—term health.

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how to use

after gently cleansing your face, shake the bottle and begin the k'iin method. add 6—9 drops to your fingertips and rub them together. press your hands against your face and inhale deeply three times. using your fingertips, press serum into your forehead, around the eyes, moving down to your neck, and finish with your escote.

are you seeking the sun after applying your day serum? we recommend using an spf to prevent uv damage — protect your neck (and face).

what is the k'iin method?

the k'iin method allows the serum to absorb quickly, provides a calming effect, and energizes the skin by increasing oxygen flow. the k'iin method was developed specifically for kachi water.

the heat produced by your hands helps activate the botanical ingredients and accelerate the penetration of the serum.

deep breathing promotes calmness and relaxation, allowing you to connect more with your inner self.

by tapping the serum into your face, the plant extracts penetrate quicker and stimulate collagen production. it also encourages lymphatic drainage, which helps eliminate free radical damage.

why is hydration important?

hydrating your skin throughout the day helps to keep it supple and firm, both of which diminish with age.

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skin feel — refreshed, hydrated

texture — smooth, lightweight gel

aroma — herbaceous, fresh, uplifting

mood — calm

sight — el yunque cloud forest, 6:09 am