annà museo is a visionary skincare brand, proudly afro—latina owned. Our foundation is built upon a concept called ki', inspired by the taíno word meaning "earth spirit." This concept encompasses indigenous knowledge, ancestral wisdom, and aesthetics philosophy. These three ideas are the essence of our values, shaping our relationship with nature through sustainability, interconnectedness, and beauty.


    we believe in the importance of daily skincare rituals and selfcare practices that nurture the mind, soul, and body, ultimately enhancing overall well—being. we view long-term skincare as a sacred journey of sensory pleasure, connecting with nature and our ancestors.


    *being self—ish, as opposed to selfish, means taking care of yourself — so you can take care of others, acknowledging the earth has finite resources that need conservation, and knowing that your priorities ultimately become your life.

    ancient skincare rituals

    our holistic practices are inspired by our ancestors, every object is made by hand, we source only high—quality, sustainable, and plant—based botanicals utilized by indigenous populations for centuries.

    we are dedicated to offering personalized skincare formulations that are safe, never tested on animals, and have a proven record of efficacy.

    we thoughtfully curate sacred moments that allow you to be fully present and appreciate the act of selfcare.

    sensorial intercourse

    objects you interact with daily, should immerse and engage your senses. the objects we create and exhibit are done with the intent to pleasure your senses.

    new york state of mind

    all objects are made in queens, new york city