this is a public service announcement by the good people at annà museo...

we present these objects as a living monument and recollection of history to bring creativity, simplicity, and quality of life to every individual* experience, lifestyle, and circumstance through skincare. 


*all humans and animals, those known and those yet to be discovered

    The World Is Yours

    daily selfcare rituals are a time to be purposefully self—ish* in your own oasis, your hidden beach, strictly dedicated to providing a momentary yet meaningful lull. set sail with no destination — become confidently lost.


    *being self—ish, as opposed to selfish, means taking care of yourself — so you can take care of others, acknowledging the earth has finite resources that need conservation, and knowing that your priorities ultimately become your life.

    sensorial intercourse

    objects you interact with daily, should immerse and engage your senses. we create and exhibit personal objects with the intent to pleasure your senses.


    we are in the service of society and its coexistence with nature. the purpose of annà museo is to collect, research, and communicate humanity's tangible and intangible heritage.

    good life

    sustainability or avoiding the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance is integral to our foundation. we create safe, sustainable objects that allow you to engage in selfcare. we believe this deepens your connection with nature and the preservation of the natural environment.

    disparate youth

    we are world travelers, revolutionaries, and dreamers. we are children at play, creating experiences out of our environment and embracing the chaos. from this chaos, we find our oasis. our past is the sculptor of our present and turns memories of rainforests, black sand beaches, and coqui frogs into multi—sensorial experiences.

    new york state of mind

    is it worth the time? i'm biased,
    the memories are worth priceless,
    can't hear the seconds in my silence