good life

Sustainability, the act of preserving natural resources to maintain ecological balance, is integral to our foundation. We believe that the decisions we make today should result in a better and sustainable world for generations into the future. We are dedicated to curating safe, sustainable objects that allow you to engage in holistic self-care, fostering a stronger connection with nature and contributing to the preservation of the environment.

conserving the natural environment

we work with organizations that are genuinely passionate about conserving the remaining wildlife on this planet. anything we take from nature, we give back because we have a personal responsibility to sustain a healthy symbiotic relationship. we strive to employ sustainable strategies in everything we do, from concept to creation to customer.

annà museo is dedicated to supporting el yunque national forest to help restore forest health, protect wildlife habitat, and enhance the outdoor experience through sustainable recreation efforts.

the el yunque national forest is unique as it is the only tropical rainforest in the united states. the rainforest maintains strong cultural ties to puerto ricans (borinqueños) and visitors to the island and is home to several endemic species. the land has been revered for centuries dating back to the native taínos, the island's first human inhabitants, and el yunque loomed large in both their mythology and their day—to—day existence.

by any means necessary

from concept to creation, we constantly strive to utilize sustainable practices. our suppliers are selected based on their proven sustainability efforts, fair—trade practices, and how they serve their local communities.

regardless of profit loss, our ingredients are wild—harvested, fair—trade, promote sustainable farming, and directly support local communities. we believe in harvesting ingredients to benefit the people working the land and the land itself.


we use sustainable, recycled, and biodegradable materials whenever we have the option to do so. the packaging for our objects is designed to be environmentally—friendly and socially—responsible.

our boxes are made from recycled paper, the cards are made from cotton and recycled paper, the object labels are biodegradable, and the glass bottles are reusable and recyclable. if recycling options are not available in your area, please email us at to have your packaging recycled. we will also offset the carbon emissions associated with returning your packaging to us.